Moving the blog

Is the address of my new blog, so hop on over, because this no longer gets updated ;)

School of Easy Knocks

Well, during children’s week I had the chance of getting a long strange trip done. Yes that is right. All I had left was the School of Hard Knocks which I had been putting off. I don’t know why though, but I heard a lot of bad things about the achievement.

My achievement character, a paladin alt, has now done it. It was soooooo terribly easy (title pun intended).

I guess I can sum the whole achievement for me up in one word. One. There, I’ve said it. I queued once in each battleground and made it on my first attempt each time. It simply cannot be done better.

As I was preparing I was also thinking, damn, these achievements for the meta are really basic. It’s what you normally do in the battleground anyway, so how can it be so hard? Well for me it was not.

As of today, I’ve also got my brand new 310% mount to show for it as well.

Are you attuned?

I read on that there has been rumored that you’re going to have to go through various attunements again to be able to raid. I for one welcome this change and I thought that there was a major lack of those in Wrath. There was none actually.

Having played this game since release, I know how much of a bugger attunements are, but yet I find them very rewarding. You get to raid. I’ve done the Onyxia attunement on two or three characters, I don’t really recall. And that was a long questline involving alot of time spent in BRD. But that grind and all the running over Azeroth made it that much more epic to be able to set foot in her lair.

You’ll also have to find the dungeon now, which I find amusing, because when I leveled my last toons through Wrath, a lot of the players I was with had no clue where to corpserun. Which then again made the wipes take that much longer to recover from.

Hi! I’m Nimbs and I’ll be attuned ASAP. What’s your excuse?

Issues with the website theme

I’m currently having issues with my theme and my title, as it seems to disappear to me, I’m going to play around with it to see if I can make it work again. Don’t be surprised if the theme changes a few times during the following days either.

When I get the esthetic’s back in order, I’ll get back to posting.

On a side note, especially for us rogues, Drowning Pool released their new album a few days ago (April 28th). Expect to hear some new tunes in PvP movies, as this is a solid album that suits the PvP style movies very well. I like it!

Bringing up a new character

I decided to make a new character, another rogue. I will pimp him out in heirlooms and ship him off to my original server with his original name. He will be a gnome this time around though, last time he was human. I wanted to be one of those sneaky, hard-to-target little fellas running around causing mayhem in PvP.

At the moment, he is still on my other server, but I’ll move him when the time is right. I also added an achievement RSS for that character aswell, so it’s easy to see what I have been up to.

This will be my 3rd rogue, but what can I say? I love rogues!

Getting this blog up and running!

I decided to start blogging about my time in WoW as a rogue called Nimbs.

I moved my rogue over to the Horde side, in a real RP kind of way. I used to be a human, now I am undead. And I like it! The main difference I noticed was that when I started to run a few battlegrounds, I felt as if I was starring in a PvP movie. I adapted a little show-off attitude and started to think about how I could kill off these guys in the most offensive way possible. It’s a bit rude and I never felt that way when playing a human, but at least I can amuse myself with random battlegrounds now.

My character has seen a fair share of content. I started him a few months before TBC was launched, and I got to raid a few placed I’d already gone through as a hunter. Nimbs also turned my main during TBC, at which time I also leveled another rogue. Both rogues made it with me through to WotLK, but I only have the energy and time to focus on one character, so Nimbs it is!

My ambitions are rather slim. I do intend to get familiar with the raiding scene again. I’ve just been once to ICC10, so I only got 8/12 bosses on the achievements. I also will be looking to learn more about PvP and arena.

I also hope I’ll be able to keep blogging about whatever I run across.